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There is a thin line between fact and fiction! If you have questions, doubts and suspicions, Contact ARMENHYL to Investigate! Let us help you figure out which one best reflects your situation; fact or fiction!

Want To Discuss Your Unsettling Questions With A Private Investigator?  Schedule Your One-On-One Phone Consultation Appointment Reservation With An ARMENHYL Investigator Today!

1) Simply Fill Out Our Contact Form

2) Once We Receive You Contact Form You Will Receive Our Invoice.

3) Review & Pay Your $100 Consultation Fee ( Plus 5% Debit/Credit Card Fee ),

4) Once Paid, We Will Contact You To Schedule Your Consultation!

Phone Consultations = For Up To One Hour, Confidential & Non-Refundable.

Retaining the professional services of a Private Investigator’s professional will require a significant up-front co$t! That’s just the beginning. Additional costs may be incurred depending on the scope and breadth of the investigation.

While everyone is looking for a deal on price these days... do you really want your case handled by a “bargain basement” agency? Quality cost!  Hiring a Firm to handle your sensitive matters is not when you want to settle for less!  You know the saying... “You get what You pay for!” A first-class investigation by ARMENHYL is well worth the costs!

Contact ARMENHYL today to begin your inquiry! It’s Thin Line Thursday! Don’t Delay!

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