ARMENHYL - Family Support Services

How would you and your children benefit from ARMENHYL’s Family Support Services?

ARMENHYL’s Family Support Services offer families and their children the opportunity to experience safer, more secure, less harmful and documented visitation transitions. Our goal is to provide a buffer between the people who find it hard to control their emotions, statements and/or actions. We will serve as a impartial participant/observer to document what happens during visitation exchanges and share our observations with appropriate legal and/or therapeutic community members, as necessary.

The family experience is always evolving. What it means to be a family to you may be significantly different for someone else. Whatever your family looks like, there will be good times and precious moments. However, in addition, there are sure to be conflicts and challenges. Difficulties within a family may result in temporary and/or permanent changes.

The legal system or other government agencies often get involved in determining what changes are made - sometimes at the request of family members and sometimes subject to the discretion of outside institutions. Whether by choice or by obligation, local institutions can be a source of support for families facing serious difficulties. However, many families attempt to handle these changes without any legal or governmental involvement.

Families may seek the assistance of a variety of resources of support aside from the legal system: other family members, churches, community organizations or friends. Some are more successful than others at managing their new lifestyles. Some may need greater levels of assistance with the prospect of repetitive negative interactions with those from whom they are estranged.

When families experience major adjustments everyone faces a whole new set of conflicts and challenges, especially children. One of the most challenging circumstances is when children have to split their time between different locations and the people they love. They may or may not know why their lives are different. Either way, they have little control over what they experience. Parents or other estranged adults in their lives are in control and sadly often out of control. The simple act of exchanging children for visitation can be a recurring unhealthy, disturbing and traumatizing event in the life of a child.

Visitation Facilitation: Perhaps you need assistance in setting up visitation arrangements for your children with their other family member(s) because you don’t have a good relationship with the other party. Let ARMENHYL get in touch with them and work out the details.

Supervised Visitation - Court Ordered or Voluntary: ARMENHYL can provide a place where designated family members can visit with their children. We can also provide a presence for visits which may occur in the field.

Visitation Exchanges: ARMENHYL can provide a location for your visitation drop-offs/pick-ups which can allow you to have monitored, reduced, or no contact with certain family member(s). We can be immediately present at a fixed and secure location or at an open public place. We can also be discretely present, observing from a distance - with or without audio/video documentation - and available to intervene, if necessary. ARMENHYL can also perform the exchange for you, if you choose not to be present at all or have a lesser role and degree of interaction.

Visitation Surveillance: ARMENHYL can provide you with limited surveillance of your child’s time with their other family members. While we will not have full access to all of your child’s activities when they are in private spaces, surveillance can often yield valuable information about how and with whom your child is spending his/her visitation time.

Transportation to Visitation: ARMENHYL can transport you and your child to/from the visitation exchange. We can also transport just your child, with your permission, if you prefer not to be present for the exchange. All of our contracted personnel have be subject to a background check as required by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.

Home Study - Court Ordered or Voluntary: ARMENHYL can perform a comprehensive home study to fulfill the request of local courts, legal counsel, government agencies or private individuals (with consent). We will partner with experienced investigators, counselors and social workers and other professionals to meet the necessary scope and breadth of the specific household inquiry.